Center yourself in the midst of uncertainty

Life’s changes bring opportunities for growth. The times of transition are the hardest, but bring the most significant transformations. In those moments, you need something tangible to bring you back to “yourself”.

I’m Helen Louise, the owner and designer of Charming Little Lotus. I believe jewelry, much like my many tattoos, can be a silent form of self expression.  Tangible reminders of challenging moments in your life and how you’ve evolved through them.


My affinity for the Lotus developed well into adulthood, a symbol of strength through adversity

Life is a never ending series of experiences, many are joyful while others knock us down.  Sometimes the rocks are placed in our path, other times we stubbornly defy all advice and choose the less optimal road.  As a rebellious youth I often made choices that were detrimental to me, I wasted many years on a path of self destruction.  

Ultimately I reached a point where I was faced with two seemingly impossible choices, fortunately someone kindly pointed out a third. The option I hadn’t considered, to allow my experiences to change me for the better.

As I grew through the dark waters of my circumstance, I began to embrace the transformation within myself. I searched for a symbol, something to proudly display, a reminder of everything I’d overcome. The parallel between myself and the lotus became clear.

Growing through mud and murky water, the lotus breaks the surface to open each petal, free from the remnants of its dark beginnings.  Like the lotus, you may become hindered by obstacles in life, as we gain wisdom, we are able to break through with clarity and conviction.  

Choose a special piece that speaks to you, a talisman to hold as you set your intentions.


Mindfully Handcrafted

Working primarily with recycled Sterling and fine silver I utilize traditional metal smithing techniques to forge, form, connect and create.  Each piece is finished by hand, incorporated with ethically sourced stones and beads to become unique treasures to cherish for years to come.   With a joyful heart and calm mind be assured that each piece has been created with care, infused with positive energy and sent out into the world with good thoughts.

From it's inception, Charming Little Lotus strives to create with thought, purpose, and respect.  Respect for the environment in the use of recycled metals and packaging.  Thoughtfully sourcing components from conflict free areas.  Purposefully partnering with local artisans and vendors

Jewelry is a silent and intimate form of expression. Choosing a special gift or discovering a piece that resonates with you creates a feeling of delight. My goal is to reignite this feeling each moment you wear one of my designs.

Solidify a bond between yourself and that special someone with matching designs.  Share your energy and passion for living a mindful life with distinct jewelry created with intention and care. 


Created with a purpose

  Donating a portion of earnings to non-profit organizations that empower women and girls.