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How does a Lotus grow

After years of admiring the lotus ponds at The Huntington Library and Gardens and at Echo Park, I thought it may be an interesting project to grow one on my own.  As with any goal in life, growing a lotus is a process of several steps starting with research and planning.  Fortunately the internet is full of information and options.  After an extensive search I settled on Bergen Water Gardens and Nursery, not only for their extensive list of lovely lotus but more importantly for their friendly and personal customer service.   Below are a few basic items needed to get started.

With so many varieties, colors and sizes to choose from, making a decision became the most daunting task.  I easily contacted Bergen and was able to immediately receive detailed guidance on what would be appropriate for my plans.  Below are just a few examples of the multiple variations you will find when visiting their website.

Continue this journey with me, every month a new post on how my garden is growing.  Visit my shop to see the Living Lotus Collection inspired by these beautiful flowers by clicking the button below.

The Lotus are in bloom!

The beginning of summer is here!  Memorial Day is upon us, school is out, and the weather is perfect for a day at the beach or at the pool.  I love this time of year not only for these reasons but because it signals the blossoming of the lotus.  Yesterday I took my first trip of the season to visit the the lotus pond at The Huntington Library.  I was happy to find the first few flowers and dozens of buds, soon to open.  This is the analogy of the lotus that I appreciate most, knowing that after a long winter the dormant seeds laying at the bottom of the muddy pond will always spring forth, rise high above the surfaced, and blossom into the most beautiful full flowers.  As in life, after months of patient preparation our plans come together, producing our anticipated results.  Now is the time to bask in the sun, enjoy your accomplishments and revel in the beauty that is life.  

Congratulations to all of the recent graduates and best wishes as you embark on your next endeavor!