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SIMPLY YOGA~Guest blog by Richard Kam

Yoga, with numerous variations, will improve your life.  There are different types of yoga practice for every stage of your life. For example, there's yoga for kids, seniors and for pregnant women, choose the practice best suited for your needs. 

As a practitioner and instructor, I choose asanas (poses) that improve flexibility, strength, and balance.  I instruct in a way that no matter your age, gender or capability, you can focus on one of those three or all of them at once


FLEXABILITY: May help to reduce or eliminate the harmful effects from an impact or trauma. A stiff branch snaps in the wind, while a flexible leaf just flutters.

STRENGTH: Provides the ability to accomplish more overall.  Being able to lift your own body weight is a sign of fitness.  Having the strength of two people can accomplish the work twice as fast. 

BALANCE: Helps to prevent injuries.  You can avoid being hurt if you're able to remain upright when you slip.  Besides that, many of the impressive poses have to do with being able to balance.

Other benefits of yoga is maintaining a youthful appearance. When you consume nutrients, your circulatory system delivers them to your body.  When you do inversion poses, more blood flows to your head. This delivers more oxygen and nutrients to your brain and your face.

So, do yoga to be strong, flexible and balanced. Or look and feel younger. But whatever you do: BREATHE!  Namaste 🙏🏻