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Reflection: looking back, moving forward

As the year comes to a close, I like to take some time to look back on where i've been, who I have met and what I have done.  The year 2017 started for me in Thailand as i finished up my South East Asia trip.  Visiting local Temples and meeting up with an old friend and supplier were among the highlights.  With the spring came a new collection, Living Lotus began to bloom to life.  The summer months were filled with in person events, both local and the furthest to date, San Diego.  In September attending a business conference in NYC, set the goal to continue to grow Charming Little Lotus.  Now as the Holidays are near, I am again spending every weekend in person sharing my creations throughout Southern California.  2018 is a few short weeks away, the cycle will begin again.  Just as the cycle of the lotus, first it blooms, then looses it's petals leaving a pod full of seeds, this pod slowly drys and drops it's seeds back into the muddy bottom to lay dormant for the winter, finally in the late spring the lotus rise once again, full and beautiful to enjoy.

Fifty Years Young

Grateful to reach this milestone!  So many twists and turns on life's journey, looking back I am amazed I made it this far.  Although the correct path was not always chosen, I have bennifited from the lessons learned and gained strength from each obstacle overcome.  Without the support of friends, family, loves and mentors I would not had the courage to continue.  Like the lotus growing in muddy water, breaking the surface becomming a symbol of purity, we must rise and blossom to our full potential, for ourselves and as an inspiration to others.  

Know that whatever life presents you, the strength is within you to persevere and move forth.