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Success! I have live Lotus plants!

Part Three

The hardest part of this process (growing my own lotus plants) has been waiting for them to blossom.  After planting the tubers in April, the plants began to sprout leaves less than 2 weeks later.  So exciting to see these first leaves unfurl but then a little let down as I waited several more weeks for more leaves to appear and grow.     

Finally, close to 8 weeks in to this project a bud appeared.  At this point I began feeding my lotus pond tabs, these small fertilizer pills are easily inserted into the mud at the center of the pot every week.  The second week of June, my very first full bloom!  

In total I was able to grow three buds in one pot, two grew into full flowers and sadly I broke the stem of the third.  While lotus are very strong, during the growth period they can be a bit fragile so take care.  Once fully open each flower lasted approximately 3-4 days, this is typical.  Watching this process has caused me to appreciate and see the beauty in each phase.  

I hope you have enjoyed this series and are inspired to grow your own lotus!  Feel free to leave questions in the comment section or suggestions for the next mini series.  Click here to see my lotus inspire jewelry.

Reflection: looking back, moving forward

As the year comes to a close, I like to take some time to look back on where i've been, who I have met and what I have done.  The year 2017 started for me in Thailand as i finished up my South East Asia trip.  Visiting local Temples and meeting up with an old friend and supplier were among the highlights.  With the spring came a new collection, Living Lotus began to bloom to life.  The summer months were filled with in person events, both local and the furthest to date, San Diego.  In September attending a business conference in NYC, set the goal to continue to grow Charming Little Lotus.  Now as the Holidays are near, I am again spending every weekend in person sharing my creations throughout Southern California.  2018 is a few short weeks away, the cycle will begin again.  Just as the cycle of the lotus, first it blooms, then looses it's petals leaving a pod full of seeds, this pod slowly drys and drops it's seeds back into the muddy bottom to lay dormant for the winter, finally in the late spring the lotus rise once again, full and beautiful to enjoy.

The Lotus are in bloom!

The beginning of summer is here!  Memorial Day is upon us, school is out, and the weather is perfect for a day at the beach or at the pool.  I love this time of year not only for these reasons but because it signals the blossoming of the lotus.  Yesterday I took my first trip of the season to visit the the lotus pond at The Huntington Library.  I was happy to find the first few flowers and dozens of buds, soon to open.  This is the analogy of the lotus that I appreciate most, knowing that after a long winter the dormant seeds laying at the bottom of the muddy pond will always spring forth, rise high above the surfaced, and blossom into the most beautiful full flowers.  As in life, after months of patient preparation our plans come together, producing our anticipated results.  Now is the time to bask in the sun, enjoy your accomplishments and revel in the beauty that is life.  

Congratulations to all of the recent graduates and best wishes as you embark on your next endeavor!

Jewelry for Your Yoga Mom

Mothers Day Gifts That Sparkle

A mothers love is invaluable, constant, uplifting and true.  How do we show our appreciation for all that she has done?  Every year Mothers Day arrives and we rush to order the over priced dozen roses, pick up a box of her favorite candy or make last minute reservations for the always crowded brunch.  Whether you are shopping for your Mother, your Wife, the Mother of your child, or the woman who embodies the characteristics of a Mother to you, think outside of the box.  This year give her a gift she can enjoy everyday, year after year, a constant reminder of your love and appreciation!  A gift as unique and special as her, handcrafted with love and care.  

I am happy to introduce to you four local artisans, each with a distinct style to provide unlimited options for you to choose a remarkable and memorable gift this Mothers Day.  In addition to expert craftsmanship and quality, each are extending a limited time discount so that all can find the perfect piece within their budget. Simply click the link on the photo to be whisked away to your shop of choice.


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