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How does a Lotus grow

After years of admiring the lotus ponds at The Huntington Library and Gardens and at Echo Park, I thought it may be an interesting project to grow one on my own.  As with any goal in life, growing a lotus is a process of several steps starting with research and planning.  Fortunately the internet is full of information and options.  After an extensive search I settled on Bergen Water Gardens and Nursery, not only for their extensive list of lovely lotus but more importantly for their friendly and personal customer service.   Below are a few basic items needed to get started.

With so many varieties, colors and sizes to choose from, making a decision became the most daunting task.  I easily contacted Bergen and was able to immediately receive detailed guidance on what would be appropriate for my plans.  Below are just a few examples of the multiple variations you will find when visiting their website.

Continue this journey with me, every month a new post on how my garden is growing.  Visit my shop to see the Living Lotus Collection inspired by these beautiful flowers by clicking the button below.