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The Lotus are in bloom!

The beginning of summer is here!  Memorial Day is upon us, school is out, and the weather is perfect for a day at the beach or at the pool.  I love this time of year not only for these reasons but because it signals the blossoming of the lotus.  Yesterday I took my first trip of the season to visit the the lotus pond at The Huntington Library.  I was happy to find the first few flowers and dozens of buds, soon to open.  This is the analogy of the lotus that I appreciate most, knowing that after a long winter the dormant seeds laying at the bottom of the muddy pond will always spring forth, rise high above the surfaced, and blossom into the most beautiful full flowers.  As in life, after months of patient preparation our plans come together, producing our anticipated results.  Now is the time to bask in the sun, enjoy your accomplishments and revel in the beauty that is life.  

Congratulations to all of the recent graduates and best wishes as you embark on your next endeavor!

Fifty Years Young

Grateful to reach this milestone!  So many twists and turns on life's journey, looking back I am amazed I made it this far.  Although the correct path was not always chosen, I have bennifited from the lessons learned and gained strength from each obstacle overcome.  Without the support of friends, family, loves and mentors I would not had the courage to continue.  Like the lotus growing in muddy water, breaking the surface becomming a symbol of purity, we must rise and blossom to our full potential, for ourselves and as an inspiration to others.  

Know that whatever life presents you, the strength is within you to persevere and move forth.