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Evolution of Design

Have you ever wondered how the ring on your finger or charm on your necklace came to be? Designing Jewelry is a detailed multi-step process.  Designers use many different techniques to get the idea from their imagination to the final finished piece.  My process may differ from others, some have additional skills that I have yet to learn.  Currently I am working on a new component to build on my current collection.  As the Lotus pond is always a source of inspiration, I went back to visit and take a few photos.

While I found the Dragonfly appealing I felt unsure about my ability to capture the lightness and magical feeling of the wings.  My next thought was to create a bird, however I felt the size would not be the right scale next to the Lotus flowers I currently have in the collection.  Finally I decided to create a Koi fish, always a popular character in the garden.  Koi are also a symbol of perseverance and overcoming obstacles, both important reminders that resonate with me.  Other characteristics associated with the koi include good fortune, prosperity, courage and ambition.

Once I identify my muse, I work on a few sketches until i'm happy with the shape and detail.  From this two dimensional design, I work with a 3D CAD designer.  This part of the process is a true collaboration requiring patience and clear communication.  After a few rounds a final file is created which is then sent to a 3D printer that produces a plastic model.  This model is used to help determine the size of the final piece and to place the sprues (a channel through which metal is poured into a mold).  The final part of the process involves a mold of the piece which is filled with recycled sterling silver, resulting in the finished piece.

Hope you've found this breakdown of my process interesting.  Would love to hear feedback, and answer any questions in the comments.  To be one of the select few to get first looks at the new creations including the Koi, join the Karma Collective, my monthly email newsletter.

Jewelry for Your Yoga Mom

Mothers Day Gifts That Sparkle

A mothers love is invaluable, constant, uplifting and true.  How do we show our appreciation for all that she has done?  Every year Mothers Day arrives and we rush to order the over priced dozen roses, pick up a box of her favorite candy or make last minute reservations for the always crowded brunch.  Whether you are shopping for your Mother, your Wife, the Mother of your child, or the woman who embodies the characteristics of a Mother to you, think outside of the box.  This year give her a gift she can enjoy everyday, year after year, a constant reminder of your love and appreciation!  A gift as unique and special as her, handcrafted with love and care.  

I am happy to introduce to you four local artisans, each with a distinct style to provide unlimited options for you to choose a remarkable and memorable gift this Mothers Day.  In addition to expert craftsmanship and quality, each are extending a limited time discount so that all can find the perfect piece within their budget. Simply click the link on the photo to be whisked away to your shop of choice.


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